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SHOW NOTES: S01E08, "Crossroads"

Let's start off with a bang: we're pretty sure you all need some Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space in your life. You can watch the truly amazing trailer here, complete with such lines as, "What's that? It looks like a shooting star! I want to check it out!" (Because everyone knows it's super easy to catch shooting stars... in your car.) Here's the movie poster, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this phenomenal film.

Killer school girls.jpg

There's a lot of talk of Discount Devon Sawa and Discount Sean Astin in this episode, so let's do a little side-by-side comparison. Behold:

Jordan Brower.jpg

Jordan brower

Michael Cudlitz_edited.jpg

Michael Cudlitz

Devon Sawa.jpg

Devon Sawa

Sean Astin.jpg

Sean Astin

Tell use we're wrong. We dare you.

Jenna promised you a photo of a slumber room, and we always follow through on our promises of creepy photos, so here you go. This photo is from 1932. We guess it looks cozy... by corpse standards?

retz slumber room 1932.jpg

Caroline mentions being very into the show Christy, starring Stewart Finlay-McLennan, when she was a kid. Here he is in his role as ... Dr. Neil McNeill. (The writers room was not feeling super creative that day.) You can read more about the show here. We get why Caroline was into it.

Stewart Finlay McLennan.jpg

We really wanted to find you an instructional video about how to do the Hungarian Swing, but despite our producer Alison's thorough Googling, we could find... nothing. We fear it might not actually be a real swing move. So instead we will leave you with this. RIP, Chloe Yorkin, King of the World.

King of the World.gif
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