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SHOW NOTES: S01E09, "Life's Too Short"

Eric Shethar.jpg

This week we're so excited to welcome Eric Shethar to the show! Eric is a creative producer, performance curator, and general girl about town who currently oversees the artistic development programs of Off-Broadway's Ars Nova Theater. As a dramaturg, he's collaborated with artists such as Oliver Butler, Erin Markey, and Young Jean Lee. He has ranted into a microphone at The Bell House, lip-synched at an astrology zine launch party, and been retweeted by Debra Messing. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and insights with us, Eric!

Jenna and Eric discuss how director Jeremy Podeswa has employed the exact same skill set for this episode that he used in directing episodes of Queer as Folk... and possibly also the same set? Here's a picture of Babylon, the Queer as Folk club. We're pretty sure David and Kurt are in the background somewhere, doing poppers and wearing their sisters' T-shirts.


Curious to know more about Ed Begley Jr.'s electric car? We've got you. (In fact, when we Googled "Ed Begley Jr.", the browser autofilled "electric car"—this is what the man is known for.) In this video, prepared for the 2011 North American Auto Show, you can watch him act as as a spokesperson for Ford electric vehicles. In 2014, he apparently sold his electric Toyota RAV4 EV on Craigslist for $17,500. And he's been into electric vehicles long before they were cool—here's a photo of him with the one he owned in 1989. We didn't even know they had electric cars back then.

Ed Begley 1989_edited.jpg

You may have come out of this episode a little fuzzy on what MDMA actually does. Here's an article from the National Institute on Drug Abuse detailing what effects it has on the brain. Spoiler alert: visual and auditory hallucinations are not part of the package. You're going to want mushrooms or LSD for that.

And finally, Jenna gave us a primer on bear bags this week, but if you still can't quite picture it, here's a YouTube video about techniques for hanging a bear bag. If you'd like more information about what to do if you encounter a bear, here are detailed instructions from the Get Bear Smart Society. Above all, guys, don't take selfies with bears. It seems that signs like this one from Robert Burnaby Park would be unnecessary, and yet, here we are.

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