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SHOW NOTES: S02E04, "Driving Mr. Mossback"

This is a very music-heavy episode of Six Feet Under​so let's start off with some songs! On the plane, Nate and Claire talk about Sleater-Kinney, a Washington-based band that was going strong in 2001—they were probably working on their sixth album, One Beat, which dropped in 2002. Here they are performing the title track from that album (though this was not filmed in 2001). 

If you need more Sleater-Kinney in your life, NPR Music recorded a full ninety-minute set in 2015 for your viewing pleasure. They're on tour now for their new record, The Center Will Not Hold, but the only remaining dates are in Europe.

Sleater Kinney.jpg

Photo by Charlie Engman

There are two more prominent songs in this episode. The first is "Our Way to Fall" by Yo La Tengo—here's a video of them performing it live. The other, which closes out the episode, is "Drive" by Joe 90—listen to the full song here.

This episode kicks off at the iconic Pike Place Market, which is a popular Seattle tourist destination and home of the first Starbucks. One of the things the market is known for is the fishmongers who throw fish back and forth to entertain the crowds. Here's a video of that happening.

Pike Place Market.jpeg

Photo from AlaskaAir

In this episode, David tries to share some fun facts about how Abraham Lincoln's body was transported by rail from DC to his home state of Illinois. The body traveled through 180 cities, and every time it stopped, it was transported through the streets by horse and carriage to a public building where a viewing was held. You can learn more by watching this History Channel video

Jenna theorized that there's probably delicious tofu meatloaf to be had at By Chloe these days, and indeed, chef Chloe Coscarelli published this vegan meatloaf recipe in the New York Times this year. It's actually tempeh meatloaf, not tofu, but close enough. It does look significantly tastier than Lisa's, though we wouldn't go so far as to say it looks tasty.















Tempeh meatloaf.jpg

Lisa claims she doesn't go to the movies because film is processed with gelatin, which contributes to the "global slavery of animals." We were skeptical and did a little sleuthing. It's true that there isn't a vegan alternative to gelatin, but it's also true that no animal is ever killed expressly for that purpose—gelatin is made from the bones and byproducts of animals who were killed for their meat and hides. So all Lisa is really doing by eschewing gelatin is making sure there's more waste in that process. Go see a movie, Lisa. (This isn't much of a problem now, as most movies are shot digitally.) 

And finally... Warren 2020. (We support you if you want to vote for someone else. But make sure you vote!) 

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