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This is the first episode directed by our favorite, Kathy Bates! For those of you who have watched the show before and would like a refresher, here are the other episodes directed by her:

S01E10: "The New Person"

S02E02: "Out, Out Brief Candle"

S03E06: "Making Love Work"

S03E12: "Twilight"

We can't wait to discuss them all with you.

Next time you watch Boogie Nights, keep your ​eyes peeled for Veronica Hart, "the Meryl Streep of porn." Here she is, doing some more excellent acting.

Veronica Hart Boogie Nights.jpg

Similarly, next time you watch Blade Runner, look out for replicant Joanna Cassidy! We can totally see Margaret Chenoweth wearing this "outfit."

Joanna Cassidy.jpg

If you can't get enough of Bernard Chenoweth (Robert Foxworth), you're in luck—he starred on Falcon Crest, a soap opera about the drama surrounding a wealthy California family in the wine industry. (Apparently he is very well suited to playing wealthy Californians.) It aired 227 episodes between 1981 and 1990, so there's plenty for you to investigate.

Falcon Crest.jpg

And finally, in case you're like us and don't know much about the Episcopal Church, here's some information from the official church website explaining what a deacon is. (Basically, a deacon is an agent of the bishop who focuses primarily on serving the needy.) Hilariously, we also found a delightfully illustrated WikiHow page about how to become a deacon, if you'd like to be more like David. 

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